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Black gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, trans* and other same gender loving men (SGLM) make up a significant proportion of men in Toronto infected with HIV/AIDS. Approximately 1 in 5 Black SGLM in Toronto are living with HIV and Black MSM make up 1 in 5 of all Black people living with HIV in Ontario.

The SGLM Outreach Program conducts HIV/AIDS and sexual health educational outreach to SGLM from African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) communities. We use creative  methods to inform and educate Black MSM about their risk for HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and to negotiate safer sex. The Program works to reach youth (16 to 29) and adult (30+) SGLM ACB community members who are at risk for HIV/AIDS and STI 

The SGLM Outreach Program is guided by four objectives:

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of  HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections in ACB SGLM populations
  • To promote the importance of testing and knowing your HIV status among Black SGLM
  • To increase access to information and resources that promotes sexual health through bathhouse and club outreach, workshops, street and online outreach, etc.
  • To create safer spaces through groups that raise awareness about HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination
  • We conduct one-on-one outreach in baths, clubs, online and in community spaces to increase knowledge about HIV and STIs
  • We deliver HIV/AIDS and other sexual health education workshops and groups including Sociallite 411(age 15-29) , Pepper Pot (age 30 years and over) , and the SGLM Poz Group
  • We provide specific outreach and workshops to SGLM youth age 15-29 in communities across the city
  • We organize outreaches at community events such as Pride, World AIDS Day, etc. and other community spaces, particularly those attended by ACB SGLM
  • We distribute condoms and other sexual health related information in community spaces that serve ACB SGLM community members
  • We support community partners serving SGLM in delivering their programs
  • We provide referrals to HIV and STI testing at clinics such as the Hassle Free Clinic


To request a workshop, one-on-one session or to invite us to do outreach at your event please Click Here.

SGLM community members are always welcome to join the MSM Outreach Team. The program relies heavily on the support of volunteers.  HIV knowledge is not a requirement and training is provided for all volunteers.

The Community Outreach Program is funded by Toronto Public Health under the Toronto Urban Health Fund.

Jermane Hall (He/They)

GBMSM Coordinator (HIV Testing Project)

HIV Prevention. Testing and Treatment for African/Caribbean/Black Canadians 


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B.C.A.P works to create culturally relevant outreach, prevention and support services for people infected with, affected by, or at risk of contracting HIV.




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With more than 3,000 Black people living with HIV/AIDS in Ontario and tens of thousands more at risk, we depend on your support. We’ve made great gains in the fight against HIV/AIDS in our community, but we can’t celebrate yet.

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