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Sexfluent is a youth-driven initiative brought to you by CANFAR


We’re dedicated to ending Canada’s HIV epidemic, but we know that HIV prevention is so much more than just giving out information about HIV transmission and prevention. It’s about creating a culture of openness, acceptance, and empowerment for youth to feel confident in their identity, sexuality and decision-making capabilities.

We want to transform the conversation around sexual health to be free of judgment and shame, so that you can embark on your own journey of self-acceptance and exploring pleasure.

  • Sexfluent does not have a physical space, but can be reached at, or through our social media, on Instagram.
  • Sexfluent was designed for youth, but its information may be helpful for folk of all ages. It includes information that might be particularly relevant for youth who are men who have sex with other men, or are otherwise part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, are Indigenous, and/or are youth who use drugs.
  • It is a national resource and is entirely bilingual.
  • The major areas that Sexfluent provides information for are healthy relationships and consent, sexual health, HIV/AIDS, substance use and harm reduction, mental health, and gender identity and sexuality.
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    The African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario (ACCHO) is a provincial organization that provides strategic leadership in response to HIV/AIDS in African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities in Ontario.  ACCHO came into existence as a result of the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS within ACB communities due to anti-Black racism and other social and economic determinants of health.  We are committed to facilitating systemic change that will amplify the voices and better the lives of ACB people living with, affected by, or at risk of HIV/AIDS.


    We respond to HIV/AIDS within ACB communities using an intersectional approach to our work, including the meaningful involvement and engagement of ACB people living with HIV/AIDS, a continually-evolving analysis of anti-Black racism and other overlapping systems of oppression. 

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    CATIE strengthens Canada’s response to HIV and hepatitis C by bridging research and practice. We connect healthcare and community-based service providers with the latest science and promote good practices for prevention and treatment programs.

    CATIE’s Vision

    CATIE envisions a future free of HIV and hepatitis C.

    CATIE’s Mission

    CATIE is Canada’s source for accessible, evidence-based information about HIV and hepatitis C prevention, testing, care, treatment, and support. CATIE strengthens the national response to HIV and hepatitis C by fostering collaboration and capacity among people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C and other affected populations, frontline service providers and researchers to reduce transmission and improve health and well-being.

    HIV Basics

    The basics on HIV transmission, testing and treatment


    More about CATIE:

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    B.C.A.P works to create culturally relevant outreach, prevention and support services for people infected with, affected by, or at risk of contracting HIV.




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    Please help us to reduce HIV/AIDS in Toronto’s Black, African and Caribbean communities and enhance the quality of life of people living with HIV.