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African, Caribbean and Black people who are living with HIV or LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning) face real barriers to meaningful employment and training. As a community largely made up of newcomers to Canada, gaining Canadian work experience or accessing training that leads to employment continue to be a real challenge. In view of these barriers, B.C.A.P’s Employment Program provides participants with the knowledge, tools, and support to join the Canadian work force or to pursue opportunities for education and training.


  • Reduce barriers to employment for LGBTQ and people living with HIV and support clients as they enter the workforce
  • Provides confidential support and information to help you make informed choices and set realistic employment goals
  • To increase client knowledge of their options related to education and employment opportunities
  • To inform clients about employment rights and workplace accommodation


  • Our Employment Counsellor will give you one-on-one support with:
    • Understanding policies about receiving ODSP/OW supports, going to school and finding work while receiving ODSP/OW supports
    • Providing information about applying to schools and training options such as college, university, apprenticeship, ESL, upgrading and applying for student loans
    • The development of résumés, cover letters, job search skills and gaining interview and networking skills
    • Changing careers and learning about the job you would like to get
    • Learning about your rights in the workplace and requesting workplace accommoda­tions
    • How to access health benefits or maintain your current workplace benefits
  • Workshops: We provide a five-day workshop series called Journey to Employment. This workshop series will help you prepare to find a job in a confidential learning environment with your peers. 

This program is funded by the MAC AIDS Fund


Helen Ford Gordon
Employment Counsellor
Phone: 416-977-9955, ext. 270
Email: h.fordgordon@black-cap.com

B.C.A.P works to create culturally relevant outreach, prevention and support services for people infected with, affected by, or at risk of contracting HIV.




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