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This program offers harm reduction prevention, education and peer engagement/outreach for African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) same-gender-loving (SGL) men within Toronto/Ontario. It is coordinated by an ACB SGL man with lived experience of substance use. We provide workshops, peer support and safe-use supplies, including crack, meth, snorting and foil kits, syringes, condoms, sex lubricants, disposable gloves, sterile water packs, etc. Scheduled kit drop-offs or pick-ups are available on weekly outreach days. Use the above contact details if you would like to make use of this service.

This program focuses primarily on ACB gay, bi, and same-gender loving men (SGLM) who are current or potential substance users and those at risk for sharing drug-use equipment. The program also caters to Black SGL men who don’t use substances but interact often (intimately or otherwise) with other SGL men who use substances and/or are a part of the “Party & Play” scene in Ontario. Additionally, we support those who are seeking to reduce or completely stop their substance use.

We host a monthly drop-in session – Safe Oasis- where ACB MSMs can meet to gain information, share experiences and support each other. We often have Black guest speakers who are either active or recovering substance users. We share general harm reduction strategies for the overall well-being of Black SGL men. We also provide information on using substances safely and/or supporting friends, family members and others who use.

  • Monthly harm reduction outreach sessions to Trans and SGLM communities.
  • Workshops for adult and youth participants in areas related to harm reduction, substance use, prevention and the links between substance use and risk of HIV and other STIs.
  • Community outreach and facilitating partnerships with organizations serving Toronto’s ACB substance using communities and relevant organizations such as Toronto Public Health, The Harm Reduction Task Force, etc.
  • Supervising peer educators responsible for harm reduction outreach in ACB SGLM communities.
  • Co-ordinating harm reduction outreach materials (hard copy and digital)

Orville Burke


GBMSM Engagement and Harm Reduction Coordinator

Black Coalition For AIDS Prevention (Black CAP)

20 Victoria Street, 4th Floor 

Toronto, ON M5C 2N8

Phone: 437-225-6271




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