International Women’s Day 2021

“From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge” #ChooseToChallenge

Today, on International Women’s Day, Black CAP proudly celebrates women for the way they have shaped our world and our community, even in the face of ongoing inequity and injustice. But we are not satisfied to merely celebrate women for thriving despite the odds. We are also fiercely committed to challenging gender inequity and promoting equality for all women.

For us, this commitment is deep and multilayered. It includes standing in solidarity with our trans sisters and non-binary folks who are not only subjected to sexism, but layers of gender-based discrimination that exclude them from women-centered movements. It means advocating against stereotypes and biases, income inequality, and gender-based violence that harm women in our community every day. We are committed to fighting the systemic inequities that have held women back.

Because we know that our community does not move forward without our women, and we will not stand by while they continue to suffer in a world that does not see their value. We rise to the challenge of dismantling gender inequity for ALL women, and we invite you to join us. – Black CAP